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The book for writers who want to develop the habit of writing every day, every week, all year long!
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  1. If you're already an owner of the Weekly Writes book and you ordered it from Amazon.com, then forward your Amazon.com order receipt to me at this address: publisher@ewritersplace.com. Just to be on the safe side, CC my back-up address: writershery@yahoo.com. You need to forward the entire Amazon.com receipt, not just the order number.

  2. If you ordered your copy of the book from other online bookstores (e.g., bn.com), forward your order receipt to me at the same address above. Again, you need to forward the entire receipt, not just the order number.

  3. If you ordered the book from your local bookstore, get your copy and find the answers to the 2 random questions below:

    1. In Week Nine: Solutions, what was the question for Thursday?

    2. In Week Forty-Three: Musings, what was number 6 in Greg Jones' list?

    Send the correct answers to publisher@ewritersplace.com. CC my back-up address: writershery@yahoo.com.

  4. Please wait 12-24 hours to receive the download link to the bonus e-books -- Jumpstart Your Writing Career by Beth Ann Erickson and a copy of 10 chapters/modules in my book-in-progress, which is based on yet another successful e-mail course I created called Inner Journey: Creative Nurturing of the Writer Within.

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