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by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta
ISBN: 0-9710796-7-6
Trade Paperback, 182pp
Filbert Publishing (Mar 04)
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Week Eleven - Wrappings

The ways we "wrap" ourselves give other people different perceptions or impressions that are very different from who or what we really are.

In high school, I avoided wearing skirts and girl clothes. I was shy but I hid it behind a glower and eyebrows that constantly threatened to fuse. My "touch-me-not/scary wrapping" cost me a few friends.

In college, I wore shirts and plain, faded jeans that were full of holes. And sneakers. No girl shoes for me. I wore black lipstick and black nail polish; my hair had violet streaks -- it practically killed whatever hair follicles were left on my father's head. And I managed to scare a few of my Nepalese and Thai classmates, thanks to my "weird wrapping."

When I started working, corporate suits replaced the shirts and jeans, and high-heeled shoes took over my sneakers. Suddenly I was a 22-year old adult dealing with government people, giving them instructions on what to do -- all because I had a "corporate wrapping."

Most of the time, people relate to us by how we come across to them, by how we are "wrapped."

The following are questions for you to ponder and write about this week, and you guessed it... it is all about "wrappings."

As usual, spend at least ten to fifteen minutes freewriting.

Monday: What is the one thing you most want to have? If someone is to give it to you as a surprise gift, how should he wrap it? How big a box should it come in? What should the wrapper look like?

Tuesday: What is your usual attire when you go out? Are you a jeans-and-shirt person? a skirt-and-blouse? From a strangerís perspective, describe yourself when you are seen in public places.

Wednesday: Take out those photo albums and look at old photos. Find two or three people and describe how they looked. What 'wrappings' did they come in back then?

Thursday: What was the best gift you have ever received? Do you remember what the wrapping it came in looked like?

Friday: Spend a few minutes people-gazing. Simply look at people. Note the ones that catch your interest. What did they look like? How did they dress? What were their most distinguishable characteristics?

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