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by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta
ISBN: 0-9710796-7-6
Trade Paperback, 182pp
Filbert Publishing (Mar 04)
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Week Twenty-Two - Absurdities

Do you know that in Colombia, an old military policy was to airdrop photos of women to Marxist rebel camps to entice the rebels to defect?

In China, there were plans to execute five monkeys by firing squad after they terrorized park visitors. However, many protested so the monkeys were exiled to a faraway island instead.

In October 2002 in Missouri, a man was killed by a freight train after he stepped right in front of it. He had been talking on his cell phone and kept on walking.

Pretty weird or absurd, huh? They all happened, though. There are still many more weird and absurd things happening around the world as you read this.

This week, you will build stories from weird or absurd news. Here is a list of absurd or weird news. How did these things happen? Why did they happen? What happened next? You fill in the details.

Monday: A female train driver files a $25,000 lawsuit against her employer after she bruises a fingernail while adjusting the driver seat.

Tuesday: A man robs a convenience store and as a mask, he slathers shaving cream on his face.

Wednesday: In an attempt to get a date, a man in Turin, Italy arranges at least 500 bump-and-stop car accidents with young female drivers.

Thursday: A tele-marketer becomes a hero after calling a man and trying to sell him more minutes for his out-of-minutes wireless phone. The man was trapped in a blizzard in the Andes Mountains when she called.

Friday: Police captures a man driving a stolen truck. He denies he was trying to escape and instead says he could not stop because there was a bomb in the truck and it would explode if his speed dropped below 55 mph.

If you need any more weird or absurd news ideas to start off your stories, you will find plenty of them here: http://www.newsoftheweird.com.

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