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by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta
ISBN: 0-9710796-7-6
Trade Paperback, 182pp
Filbert Publishing (Mar 04)
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Week Thirty-Five - Byways

A byway is a little traveled side road. Very rarely do people pass this road. Why? For many reasons... it may be because it is narrow, difficult to pass (steep, dangerous, winding) or 'too out of the way' from one’s true destination. The list goes on.

Reflect on your life -- what you have done, how far along you have come, the journeys you have taken -- and think of the little byways you traveled on and the byways you did not take. Your byways can be anything. They are symbols of your life journeys.

Byways can be the college course you did not take; the man or woman you did not marry; the friendships you did not keep; the career opportunities you passed up; the choices you did not make. You had your reasons for not choosing to travel on these byways.

And for the byways you did take, you, too, had a reason for traveling on them.

For your writing activities this week, make two lists: a list of byways you took and a list of byways you did not take.

Then for each day, choose one from each list and freewrite on them for five minutes.

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