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by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta
ISBN: 0-9710796-7-6
Trade Paperback, 182pp
Filbert Publishing (Mar 04)
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Week Forty-Four - Pressures

When I was in grade school, I felt pressured to memorize prayers and songs. I went to a Catholic school run by nuns. I was also pressured to do extremely well in class and keep myself in the honors list year after year.

When it was time to enter high school, I opted to go to a secular school. There were no religion subjects, but the pressure to fit in took the place of the pressures I had in the old school.

In college, pressures came from all sides: the pressure to be identified with an organization or a sorority, the pressure to not fail course, the pressure to maintain my status as a 'regular' student in order to always get a full load of classes each semester and not be left behind, the pressure to finish my thesis and graduate on time.

And then there were (and still are) family pressures and job pressures. And there is the kind of pressures I knowingly and unknowingly give myself.

Pressures, when they take on an unbearable intensity, can wear us out, leave us depressed, and even render us demotivated. There are times we might buckle under pressure and stop functioning altogether, but there are times we rise up and do well.

This week, you will explore your past and current pressures. You will examine what bearing your past pressures have on your present life and what you can do about your current pressures.

Monday: Today make two lists: your Past Pressures list and your Current Pressures list. Come up with at least twenty pressures for each list. Your pressures can range from the simple to the more complex pressures. Devote at around ten minutes for each list.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Pick one pressure from your Past Pressures list and describe the pressure in detail. How did you feel? What did you do? Did that particular pressure have a significant effect on the life you are living now or on the way you think/view things?

Thursday and Friday: Pick one pressure from your Current Pressures list and describe the pressure in detail. How does the current pressure make you feel? What could be the cause of this current pressure? What are you going to do about it? Have you encountered this same pressure before? If you have, how did you deal with it?

Keep the list you have made. When you find other writing time, work on them some more.

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