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by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta
ISBN: 0-9710796-7-6
Trade Paperback, 182pp
Filbert Publishing (Mar 04)
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The Writing Bliss Experience

In January 2002, I created and offered a free e-mail course for writers. The rationale behind it was simple: Every day for 31 days, writers were invited to write something about the day’s topic. It was a course that did not put any pressure on writers to write brilliantly or perfectly. It was a course that simply invited writers to write for the love of writing. Thirty-one writers participated in the first run of DAILY WRITES: 31 Days of Writing Bliss! In just two years, more than thirty-five hundred writers from over forty countries have already experienced the same writing bliss I feel whenever I sit down to write.

The writers who took Daily Writes wanted more. And so Weekly Writes: 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss! e-mail course was born in August 2002. It is the book you are holding now.

This book is designed to keep you writing for fifty-two consecutive weeks -- one whole year. The writing activities are short and approximately take five to twenty minutes of writing time every day. Selected chapters include examples by writers who have taken the e-mail course version of this book. The examples you will read are rough drafts or first drafts.

My suggestion: It is best to start Weekly Writes on a Monday, and tackle one prompt each day. When you are done with one writing activity, do not proceed to the next one right away. Come back to this book after twenty-four hours and then do the next one. Tackle the writing activities in the book this way and you will be able to develop the habit of writing regularly no matter what mood you are in.

But this is your book. Use it however you prefer -- open it at random, work through it backwards, go through it with a writing partner, or start with my suggestion and go on from there.

Writing is not a "one size fits all" shirt. What works for me would not necessarily work for you. Your writing schedule may not be another writer’s ideal. You are productive early mornings; I, late nights. You can write in spurts, do the chores in between, and turn in a clean copy and beat your editor’s deadline by several hours. I, on the other hand, work best when I write for long hours and do not take breaks. Your way is not better than mine; my way is not better than yours. At the end of the day, we have both created something we can be proud of.

Maintaining a daily writing habit has worked wonders for me. However, writing every day might not be for you. I am able write and finish more quickly if I follow an outline. On the other hand, you might feel stifled by it and simply prefer to let your characters reveal the story in the process. I may write my masterpiece in solitude while you shape yours in a café, among crowds, or right in the center of the city’s gut.

We each have a unique style; a personal writing rhythm; a customized formula. Like I said, writing is not a "one size fits all" shirt. Find your own size, the one you are most comfortable in. Whatever your size is...that is the right size. It is the right way of writing -- because it is your way. You wear it well when you simply write with all your heart. And this book is here to help you get started.

Additionally, a section of this book contains 100 writing prompts and ideas. These prompts were generated by the WriteSparks!™ software I created for writers. Information on how you can download this software is included in this section.

I am also inviting you to visit the book’s companion site, http://weeklywrites.com. I created it exclusively for writers who own a copy of this book. You will have access to new modules, e-mail courses and the JournalWrites™ journaling software created specifically for writers who own a copy of this book.

I hope you experience writing bliss through Weekly Writes. I would love to hear all about it so do e-mail me!

Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ, Author
Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ
Weekly Writes author
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