Weekly Writes: 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss! the book
The book for writers who want to develop the habit of writing every day, every week, all year long!
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 WEEKLY WRITES Reviews and Testimonials

"This is my kind of author and my kind of book. Stuffed with enticing writing prompts and examples, this book is sure to inspire even the most blocked writers to set pen to paper again. If you're ready to take creative risks, try new genres, and let someone light your imagination on fire, this book is for you." - Jenna Glatzer, AbsoluteWrite.com editor-in-chief and author of the bestselling book, Outwitting Writer's Block and Other Problems of the Pen

"This is a book for anyone who has ever said they don’t have time to write. Here are weekly instructions and daily prompts designed to be completed in five- to twenty-minute chunks, so committing to the course is easy. And the prompts are ingenious, unique, different, fun! Prepare to have your imagination turned inside out." - Susie Michelle Cortright, author of Soul Snacks and founder of Momscape.com.

"[Weekly Writes] is a definite must to anyone who is going to write their story. I have read many books by various authors on the subject of writing, but yours brings it all down to the basics. It is something every writer, whether fledgling or accomplished, should put to use every day of the week. And, once they finish the 52 weeks, they should just start all over again from the beginning.

"Your book is wonderful. It is to writing what stretches are to an athlete before she goes into competition, what the warm up for an orchestra is before they play the concert, or what playing scales is to a pianist before a recital. It is the warm-up session that needs to be followed each day before you write the chapter of your book, the description of a certain event in your life or an article for the newspaper.

"Weekly Writes is how to get your brain to focus on what you are getting ready to do - write. Weekly Writes teaches various ways to write, how to let different voices be heard, how to use your imagination. This is how to get the hand flowing across the paper with a pen or fingers moving on the keyboard of a computer. This not only will help the accomplished writer who is complaining of ‘writer's block’ but the novice who really wants to write, but has no idea how to start.

"When I'm doing a workshop, besides hearing ‘I just don't remember’ as we are trying to recall things from our memories, I also hear ‘I just can't write. I don’t know where or how to begin.’ From now on I'm going to point them to Weekly Writes and tell them this is how to begin." - Sue Wagstaff, workshop instructor and author of FOOTPRINTS - Memories are the Footprints in Our Minds at FootprintsStories.com

Reviews from writers who have taken the Weekly Writes e-mail course

"[Weekly Writes] was such an encouragement to me. The prompts gave me great ideas and really made me do some deep thinking about a great variety of subjects and topics. I would definitely take this workshop again and again since it was those prompts that kept me wanting to write daily and write more." - Val Gordon (British Columbia, Canada)

"[Weekly Writes] was truly a gift during a time when that creative spark was seemingly gone. I printed out each prompt and inserted it into a binder with blank pages. At the end of the program, I had a complete writer's journal to look back upon each time I needed that extra boost." - Jennifer Hollowell (Livermore Falls, Maine), Owner, J.M.H. Creative Solutions

"Weekly Writes isn't just an email workshop to spark your creativity, though it does that. Weekly Writes isn't just a workbook of things to do or think about, but it is that. Weekly Writes is a year long workshop on discovering you, discovering your voice, discovering how unique and wonderful the stories you have to tell are. But it's more than that too. It is a never-ending source of inspiration and writing topics.

"As I grow as a writer and go back over Weekly Writes I always find the exercises new and interesting, perhaps in part because I've grown, I've changed or perhaps the design of Weekly Writes is like an open ended question - your answer is all that matters.

"Shery Ma Belle Arrieta has given me a gift that will never get dull, wear out or stop giving. Through Weekly Writes she has given me the place to start, the courage to do it and the encouragement and knowledge that I can be a writer or anything else I choose to be.

"Thanks, Shery, for designing, producing and writing Weekly Writes. I highly recommend this book to all authors. Newbie or pro -- you will gain something from it. Guaranteed." - Billie A. Williams (Amberg, Wisconsin), Author of Writing Wide and mystery suspense novels Death by Candlelight, Tung Umolomo and Fire at Thunder Ridge

"Weekly Writes provided [me with] the necessary discipline that every writer requires [and] the modules were great fun to do." - Mary Attard (Malta)

"I received Weekly Writes during a low point in my life. I had lost someone that I loved very much. [Weekly Writes] gave me an outlet to vent feelings and learn to cope with those feelings. I would recommend Weekly Writes to everyone. Even if you have no desire to be a writer, you will learn a lot about yourself doing each assignment." - Helen Fields (High Point, North Carolina)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the diverse activities and suggestions in Weekly Writes: 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss! I teach ‘Writer's Workshop’ as part of our county's curriculum to fifth graders. Many of the mini-lessons I present to my students are influenced from the successes and failures of my own personal writing experiences. However, after a long day at work as I sit in front of my laptop, I often find stimulating subject matter evading me and limiting my room for growth as a writer. Fortunately, the suggested exercises in the Weekly Writes have helped me to chip away at the spindly legs of that cumbersome pest called Writer's Block. Not only do I have exciting topics to write about, I continue to gain strategies for creating my own alluring writing ideas. Weekly Writes has proven to be a valuable source of motivation for which to improve my writing. So, as I learn, my students learn." - Linnel Little (Jacksonville, Florida)

"The Weekly Writes modules have given me lots of ideas in toying with various aspects of the human emotion. By doing the exercises, anyone can come up with so many ideas to do when writing." - Alexa Villano (Quezon City, Philippines)

"I'm a teacher, a mom, a wife, leader of a writer's group and find myself really pressed for time. Sometimes it's just easier to not write even though I know I need to. Weekly Writes was perfect for me: I knew that I would write because the prompts were there waiting for me. It was easy, effective, and challenging." - Dawn Allen (Olathe, Kansas)

"As a published author, I value the fifty-two gems of wisdom encompassed by the fifty-two weeks of Weekly Writes. Each of them, studied in no particular order, is of value to any writer. They stir the ‘little gray cells’ to invoke the muse and seriously approach a word processor. I have enjoyed and do enjoy this tutelage on the craft of writing. Bravo!" - Bob Howard (Lakeview, Oregon)

"[Weekly Writes] is truly excellent. The prompts encourage you to plumb the depths of your memories and experiences to come up with writing that is both unique to you and universal to the human condition. A winning combination, if ever there was one." - Manjul Bajaj (New Delhi, India)

"I enjoyed Weekly Writes, which inspired me when I needed a nudge to put pen to paper. I was amazed at how a word or a topic could bring out ideas I didn't know I had. Some of them brought memories of past experiences or events back to life. Others had me thinking and deciding what my feelings were in relation to the topic. I saved them and will be getting them out again soon to spark my interest and love of writing. I have been putting together a collection of my writings and have more to add from my journals. All in all, Weekly Writes was a good tool to bring out the creative spirit within me." - Sharon Ritter (Warren, Michigan)

"The writing exercises in this book are challenging and though-provoking and have been extremely beneficial to me as an aspiring writer." - Karen A. Izzard (Shelby Township, Michigan)

"Weekly Writes: 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss is an absolutely fabulous e-mail workshop. I have found it very interesting and inspiring as I have learned many writing techniques. In addition, I have also gained tremendous knowledge in creative writing and organised writing.

"I used to be very self-conscious and had a phobia about my writing skills. I never imagined that I could ever succeed at becoming a writer. I spent many hours editing, as I truly had no confidence in my writing. [Weekly Writes] has made me feel much more confident about writing than I have ever felt before. It has also helped me tremendously in my university studies. Thank you very much, Ms Arrieta, for helping me to become a better writer. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wishes to become a good writer." - Bhavani Balachandra (Singapore)

"Weekly Writes enlightened me, taught me, and allowed me to find the writer within. The ‘exercises’ leave you with firmer writing muscles without the aches or pains! Enjoyment and learning at your own writing pace makes the Weekly Writes a must read, but mostly a must write for all inspiring, published, and/or ‘hobby’ writers/authors in all of us. You never know when that one week will make a book difference!" - Angela Welbaum (Troy, Ohio)

"I find myself fortunate to have had the privilege to complete the entire 52 modules of your email workshop. Whenever I run out of inspiration or an idea, I know all that I have to do is turn to one of the modules to keep my pen and words moving in paper! Thanks for creating and teaching workshops meant for writers of all levels. I am certain Weekly Writes: 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss with adequate examples will be an invaluable resource to a writer's desk!" - Resmi Shaji (Kerala, India)

"Weekly Writes is truly good. Although I am taking my time to complete it, that is its advantage. You can complete it at your leisure, and for those who have writer’s block, it truly encourages you to try one step at a time." - Akila Sivakumar (Bangalore, India)

"I signed up to take Weekly Writes after enjoying Daily Writes and found that the course was both satisfying, interesting, and an on-going learning and developmental series. With each weekly lesson, I noticed that my writing and ideas came quicker, plus required less revision. I would recommend this wonderful weekly writing course to anyone who wishes to improve their writing potential as a serious author." - Trish MacQueen (Ontario, Canada)

"I found the Weekly Writes a wonderful compliment, and companion, to the Daily Writes that I started out with some time ago. The modules really made me sit down and think about my life experiences and the people who touched my life. The modules therefore not only provided inspiring prompts for the development of writing skills, but also served as a way of seriously reconsidering what one really is (or thought you were!) about." - Karin McGuirk (Gauteng Province, Republic of South Africa)

"I have really benefited from the Weekly Writes as it has enabled me to write not just every week but every day. I had always loved to write and as a child I always had a piece of paper and a story or poem on the go. Four kids and two husbands later, it was getting harder to find the time and the motivation to write. But the urge didn’t go away completely and when I saw [Weekly Writes] and the chance to have prompts sent to me each week, it was a great opportunity. I started to get ideas again and also explore aspects of my character that had previously been ignored. So far I have completed one novel and am partway through the next as well as starting my own creative writing group with under 15s. I think [Weekly Writes] has been an inspiration." - Alison Boon (Hants, England)

"Weekly Writes always came just when I was feeling my lowest. I’d set aside time and...lo and behold! they jumpstarted my writing every time I used them. Thanks, Shery, for these wonderful helps!" - Ginger Redman-McConnell (Old Hickory, Tennessee)

"I used Weekly Writes a little differently than how other writers might have used it. The sixth grade gifted learners in the Writing Center I created used many of the prompts for their creative writing journals. My students loved the prompts! They would choose a prompt when they got ‘blocked’ on a piece they were working on during writing workshop time. They would also pick up a prompt when they had time for extension activities. I emphasized the idea of keeping a creative writing journal much like the other published writers do (Hemingway with The Old Man and the Sea idea) since they never know when they could further use and develop the ideas, dreams, goals, etc. that they write in their journals. Even though I now work in our central offices, I’m excited about the book because it will make it easier for me to share your ideas with others." - Cheryl McCullough (Annandale, Virginia)

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